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My nails on Christmas Day

26 December 2013

So I meant to post these yesterday so I would get a chance to wish you all a merry Christmas. But I was far too busy stuffing my face and watching tv.

My nails for Christmas day were quite simple. I used my go to Christmas polish - Barry M red glitter with a Santa accent nail.  I followed another tutorial from the amazing One Nail to Rule Them all to create him.  

I didn't get very many nail related Christmas gifts but I did get a couple. Saz (my mint nails) bought me a couple of glitter babies from Pocket Money polishes, I had a Fantastic Hairy Legs polish from a nail secret santa me and a few friends did and I also got a fab nail art book through another secret Santa.

I have already treated myself to some moyou London stamping plates which I can't wait to try out!
I apologise for the disorganised-ness of this post but I'm writing it via my phone. The last picture I'm posting is a screenshot of last nights Doctor Who Christmas special which I was very fortunate to be a (teeny weeny) part of. I was a villager from Christmas village and you can see a very blurry me in the top left corner of the screen shot.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Xxx

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