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Glequin Christmas Trees

18 December 2013

Everybody has been doing so many amazing Christmas themed manicures recently.  I love Christmas so Christmas on my nails is even more amazing but I've been struggling to come up with original ideas that nobody else has done before (but to be honest, I rarely have these ideas, so it's okay really.)

I usually use google images for inspiration and I noticed quite a few people have used glequins to create different christmassy themes.  So I decided to go for a Glequin christmas tree.  I painted four nails with Barry M Red Glitter (which is such an amazing Christmassy nail polish) then used Barry M white on my accent finger.  I created white stripes on my red nails for a candy cane look using a Barry M white nail art pen then, using a dotting tool, placed green, gold and red Glequins onto my white accent nail.

It was really hard and took forever but I'm so pleased with the result.  I just need to learn how to place them more precisely on my right hand now to create a look I can wear for a few days instead of getting really fed up and taking it all off again!

Here are my results

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