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04 November 2013

Yet again my life has gone crazy.  Although I've been finding dribs and drabs of time to do my nails, taking photos and having time to blog have been a different issue all together.

So firstly, here are my halloween nails.  I spent Halloween watching Nightmare on Elm Street in Cineworld so went for bloody nails to celebrate.  I used Barry M Matte White and Burgundy Crush from the new Barry M Matte range for the blood, using the splatter method.

Shame I fell asleep a couple of times during the film!

Next up was a trip to London with my mum.  We went to see Rupert Grint in Mojo (seriously guys, if you find yourself in London - go see it.)  Our Rupes uses words that'll make Dumbledore blush (to use my friend Nina's saying) and there is a massive use of the C-word but me and my mum loved it.  We also went to the Harry Potter studio tour. 

I'd love to say that I did Weasley inspired nails but I didn't.  I had an engagement party the night before the coach so I did my nails in a bit of an assortment.

The spikes were from Born Pretty.  I used Barry M Matte Espresso then Nail Lacquer UK's Starfluff Monster from her Cute Monsters Collection on my accent finger (I'll do proper swatches of this soon I promise!)

Expect a neon-y type manicure ready for a statistics conference I have to attend tomorrow, then I have a weekend in Butlins reliving the 90's so I'm sure there'll be loads more fun nails to come!

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