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British Nail Bloggers: Top 10 Nail Polishes

22 November 2013

Over at British Nail Bloggers, we've decided to all post about our top 10 nail polishes on the same day.  Here are mine.  They're my top 10, but in no particular order because I just can't chose that!

Nail Lacquer UK - She Got My Soul.  My favourite indie brand and the first I bought from Nail Lacquer UK.  The polish is a milky base with blue, pink and violet glitters of various sizes.  Looks lovely over a white base.

Nail Lacquer UK - Happy Monster.  This is a milky greeny/cream base with neon pink, blues, greens and yellows.

Barry M Lychee - This should be a staple polish in every girl's nail polish box.  The nude is really shiny, perfect for when your nails need to be a bit more, boring.

Models Own - Absynthe.  This is a matte glitter polish.  You get amazing coverage after just two coats and looks great with a matte or normal top coat over it.

Lac Attack - Weasley Wizard Wheezes.  I love Harry Potter.  Lac Attack was the first indie polish I invested in.  This glitter topper is a fab vivid orange mixed shape glitters and I love clashing it over bright colours.

Barry M - Boots Limited Edition Silver Glitter.  I found this in Boots the other day and it was fab.  It's a silver glitter, but it's holographic a bit and looks fab over a silver base colour.

Lac Attack - Beauxbatons Academy.  Another Lac Attack from my first ever indie splurge.  This is a milky base with gold and blue glitters.

Nail Lacquer UK - A Dolphin's Dream.  This is a fantastic turquoise glitter that goes well over bright colours or builds up fantastically by itself.

Lac Attack - The Horcrux of It.  I always turn to this colour when I need a black that's not just boring plain black.  It has a green shimmer to it with gold glitter, making my black just a little extra special.

Barry M - Greenberry.  This is my favourite summer colour.  I try to mix it with gold for a lovely summery manicure.

From L-R Greenberry, She Got My Soul, Happy Monster, Lychee and Absynthe

From L-R The Horcrux of It, A Dolphin's Dream, Beauxbaton's Academy, Limited Edition Silver Glitter, Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

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