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Lac Attack: Felix Felicis

06 April 2013

Here's yet another swatch from Lac Attack's Magical Musing's collection.  I can't get enough of these varnishes, they're so beautiful.  By the way, I don't think I've shared it before but here is Lac Attack's website.  Unfortunately she no longer does International shipping but she sometimes restocks on Harlow & co which does - yey!

Felix Felicis is a potion that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful.  It is also called Liquid Luck.

Harry Potter won a small vial of Felix Felicis from Professor Slughorn during a potions class in Harry's sixth year.  He used a small amount of it to persuade Slughorn to give Harry an important memory from Voldemort's past.  He also pretended to give Ron a small amount in his pumpkin juice before a big quidditch match (which is illegal).  The rest of the potion was shared between Ron, Hermione & Ginny in the battle against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts.

As you can imagine, a potion which brings this much luck to it's drinker would be sparkly and great.  The potion is described as molten gold in colour with droplets that leap like goldfish on the surface of the potion when it's in the cauldron.

This polish matches the potion's description perfectly.  It has a gold sheen to it, almost clear with large gold hexes and smaller gold pieces.  It spreads perfectly and I only needed to use two coats to get the coverage I wanted.

I used felix felicis as a glitter gradient over Barry M's Greenberry.  The colours go together perfectly.


  1. Love this over Greenberry! The big gold pieces in the glitter are fab. This mani is stunning x

  2. Beautiful!! I love the gradient you've done, a perfect colour combo x


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