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Challenge Week 13: Inspired by Spring (2)

29 March 2013

Here's another manicure inspired by Spring.  I did these Tuesday, ready for the Wednesday link up but then life got busy and I have only just had chance to upload the picture.

My friend Saz does an amazing cherry blossom manicure.  She has even been featured in Look magazine because of them (see first picture here).

These are no way as good as hers though, I did them us a rush after my slimming class.  I applied the top coat way too soon and it smudged.

BUT people have been commenting on my nails in work so they can't have been that bad!


  1. Love this, cherry blossom, very cool!

  2. Love this! What's this blue, it's really lovely. I like that I'm one of the labels to this post!! Hahah x

    1. The blue is Barry M (of course) Blue Moon

  3. Hehe great minds, my most recent mani is a blossom one too :) very pretty! I love floral designs. The blue is gorgeous x


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