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Nail Lacquer UK: Brony Me

31 December 2013

As you may already know, I love Nail Lacquer UK.  So does my friend Saz (My Mint Nails).  Since there's so many fabulous polishes we'd love but can't afford, we've agreed to swap every time we meet.  Back in November I gave her Happy Monster for a borrow of Brony Me.  Here is a link to Saz's review of that polish.

I've dug out which polishes I still need to swatch and review and this one was next on my list.  It's a fab mix of different bright coloured glitters with black hearts so it was really difficult to pick a base colour.  So I decided to go for a really subtle gradient with colours that weren't used in the polish.  For this I used Barry M Blue Moon (which has now run out.  RIP) and Model's Own Apple Pie.

You can't really tell it's a gradient but I promise I used both these colours over a white base to create it.

Then I applied only one coat of Brony Me over the top.  That's all it needed really.  The polish was really easy to apply and I didn't have to fuss it to much to get a great coverage.

I really love this and I would be so tempted to try and buy it if it ever reappeared in the shop.

This is my last post of 2013.  I hope however you're celebrating the New Year that you have fun and 2014 is even better than this year.  Tomorrow I'll be back with tonight's nails and a look back at my first year in blogger and what I look forward to in 2014.


  1. Pretty! Love the different shapes of glitter in this! :D

    1. It's my favourite - I'm going to hate having to give it back!


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