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Nails Inc: Vodafone Red

17 September 2013

So I was lucky enough to get my paws on tickets for me and Saz (My Mint Nails) to go and watch the David Koma catwalk show at London Fashion Week as well as get access to the Vodafone VIP lounge and a free canvas tote bag.

We were hoping to get our nails spotted, so like true fashionista's - we dolled them up to take out.  Here is a picture of our nails with free champagne.  Saz has a white manicure and mixed it up with Leopard print, neon studs as well as spikes.  Don't they look awesome?  Mine is a simple black manicure with neon studs.  They were all I could manage after being severely sleep deprived while working night shoots last week.

Unfortunately our nails didn't get spotted but we looked great so that's all that matters.

Our canvas tote bag had a freebie too.  A bottle of Nails Inc Vodafone Red.  We couldn't stop laughing because Saz had said before the event that she hoped we'd got free nail varnish - and we did.

So here is a swatch of the polish.  I'm not too impressed actually and it reminded me why I don't buy Nails Inc myself.  The polish is easy to apply but very thin and after 3 coats, I still didn't achieve full opacity.  The polish chipped easily too and I took it off as soon as I got home from work.

It is very bright and it will work fine in nail art. I'm not keen on plain boring one colour nails so I spiced them up with some gold studs from Born Pretty Store.

Here are a few pictures.  Apologies for the quality but I keep on forgetting to charge my camera!

Sorry that its been so long since I posted - my life got unexpectedly busy!  On the plus side, my follower counter shot up!

If you haven't yet - then please go vote for me in Nail Lacquer UK's Nail Art contest.  I love her polish but I'm on a ban so this is the only way I'll get more (plus my manicure is pretty awesome!)  I'm neck and neck with someone else (another awesome manicure) so it's a close race!

Me and Saz managed to fit in a trip to the Model's Own Nail Bottle shop in Westfield where I got a few new polishes so look out for swatches of those soon!

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