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Lac Attack: Durmstrang

04 April 2013

The Durmstrang Institute is a wizarding school located in the northernmost regions of Norway or Sweden.  They travel to Hogwarts to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.

Durmstrang is notorious for is acceptance of the Dark Arts, and was known to have educated (and expelled) Gellert Grindewald before his acension of the Dark Arts.  Former Headmaster Igor Karakoff was one of Lord Voldemort's deatheaters.

One of it's most famous students is Viktor Krum

Vitkor is a Bulgarian student and was seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team while still at the school.

You'd expect Durmstrang to be strong and icy cold.  Lac Attack's polish doesn't fail to meet these standards.

It's a glossy blue with big shards of black mixed in.  The final colour is something special.  Here it is after only three coats:

It's not my favourite out of the magical musings collection, but it definitely stands out on it's own.

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