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Ask a British Nail Blogger - How do you store yours?

21 April 2013

I've been so rubbish with my blog lately and I'm really sorry.  My life has gotten busy (I'm currently 27 hours up on my clock), I was filming at the start of the week and I've even gone and got myself a little bit of a social life!  Shock horror, I know!  On top of that my MacBook has been playing up and will only connect to the wifi when it fancies it!

So I thought I'd ease myself in with this fortnights "Ask a British Nail Blogger" question.  This time around it's "How do you store your polish?"

I'm a bit disorganised but I'm looking to start getting myself more organised.  I found some lovely stackable crates in Hobbycraft yesterday.  But they're really expenisve and probably too tall for what I need so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for something similar.

Until then I currently have a cloth box type thing that is just big enough to hold all my varnishes.  I think have a drawer in my bedside table for all my tools.  It's nothing exciting.  I tried sorting my varnishes by brand but I quickly got bored of them.  I tend to just shove them back in the box at the end of my session without paying attention where they go.  So my box is a mess.

Here's a picture of it when I originally sorted it out:

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