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Ask a British Nail Blogger - Nail Care Routine

17 March 2013

So the girls over at the British Nail Bloggers facebook page are starting a fortnightly "Ask a British Nail Blogger" spot.

This fortnight's questions is "What is your nail care routine?"

I try to keep mine simple.  I remove all old nail varnish with actone.  I then trim my nails with a toe nail clipper (if they've had any chance to grow) and use a Leighton Denny nail file to smooth out the sharp edges.

I then use a square nail buff to buff around the edges of my nails (I don't go anywhere near the tips as they're already so weak).  I dust off any excess powder left from the buffer and wash my hands with lukewarm water.  Once my hands are dry I use Sally Hansen's Green Tea & Bamboo as a base coat and then paint my nails.

Once my nails are completely dry, I wash my hands again before using Sally Hansen's cuticle massage cream with apricot oil (I'm definitely a Sally Hansen fan).  I then use a decent hand cream, Soap & Glory's Hand Food or Cath Kidston's.  (See my separate post on hand cream here)

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